2016 Canberra Marathon

Sunday 10th April 2016.

Canberra marathon done and dusted – official time 4:18:18. Fell off the 4 hour bus at 26km and disintegrated at 30km but still managed to finish – worse for wear of course. So that makes 16 official marathons. On this occasion I made the mistake of running with the 4 hour pacer. I recognised early on that the pace was way too fast for me this time round. But unfortunately I struggled on and paid the price for it later. 26km was the turning point where I found that I couldn’t keep the 5:40 pace going and dropped off. Then by 30km I had burnt up all my glycogen stores in the first half by running well above my aerobic threshold – my aerobic base was way too low. Needless to say the formidable “wall” hit me like a ton of bricks and I “bonked” at 30km. From then on it was survival mode only using a run/walk strategy.

There are two things that I need to focus on in order to run sub 4 and run without “bonking”.

  1. Build my aerobic base to a level where I can comfortably run aerobically at 6:00 min/km pace – preferably at my MAF HR.
  2. Train myself so that I use fat for fuel for as long as possible or at least for the first two hours of the race,¬†and change my fuelling so that when I’m running anaerobically I’ve got sufficient glycogen stores to fuel me for the remainder of the race.

Once I’ve achieved that, then I believe I’ll be able to run sub 4 comfortably without hitting the wall.

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