2016 Mudgee Marathon

Sunday 21/08/16

Race Report – Mudgee Marathon 2016
‪#‎marathon18‬ done and dusted.
3 weeks ago I finished the M7 marathon pretty much shattered, with hips and hip flexors in terrible condition and a finishing time of 4:28:49. My preparation for Mudgee 3 weeks later consisted of 1 week recovery from the M7; 1 week of running 2 x 10km and 1 x 21.2km runs; 1 week of taper and then race day today. The official time was 4:11:02. Now that’s a good time compared to the M7 and the course had some considerable steep climbs with rolling hills. It just wasn’t as relentless as the M7 cycle path.
Ok so the morning started off at 0 degrees. It was bitterly cold. There was ice on the car windscreen so I had the heater and bum warmer on full blast to keep me warm before getting to the race precinct.

The start time was 7am so I had to strip off the layers to the basic T-shirt and shorts and ran on the spot to keep warm. Soon enough we were off. And by 3 or 4 kms I was starting to warm up.
Well the course has this hill see. And you run up and over and then back and over from the other side. Fortunately you do it around 14km into the race when you still have energy.
Although the run up and over and back again was challenging, the run down the other side was fast spurring me on to a sub 5:30 pace.
The scenery around the course was great – country paddocks, vineyards, cows and of course, road kill in the ditches. The temperature was set to rise to 17 degrees with an all but cloudless blue sky and the peace and quiet of the surroundings, except for the occasional dog barking, native bird squawking or car going passed, was so tranquil. I found out later that there were only 42 finishers so there were a lot of solo kms run.
It was a tough course but somehow I managed to run the entire 42.2km non stop which for me is a positive sign that I’m improving. I just have to run faster.
The body was pleased to have finished and appreciated the short massage.
I’m not experiencing the usual post race aches and pains so all in all it was a good result.
Now for a week off and back into training for ‪#‎marathon19‬ – Blackmores Sydney marathon in 4 weeks.

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