2016 Orange Marathon

Sunday 28 February 2016

After a 5 month break due to injury, with a DNS in Sydney and a DNF in Western Sydney then a total break, I finally chalked up my 15th marathon. And it wasn’t easy. Two words come to mind – NEVER AGAIN. Well that was how I felt after 36km’s. Whilst the scenery around the Orange marathon course is quite stunning to a city slicker and about a 1/4 to a 1/3 is on gravel roads, the hills were definitely unwelcome . It’s an out and back course but honestly, after running up and down for 21km, doing it again for the next 21km was a challenge and that’s putting it mildly. I managed to run through to 36km without stopping or taking any walk breaks, albeit the pace had dropped off to a crawl, but at 36km my body and mind had had enough. My right hammy had been playing up throughout my training program and was no different on race day. So I was constantly reminded that even if I could have increased my pace, the hammy would have certainly let me down. So from 36km to 40km it was a run/walk affair and of course the hills just kept coming, albeit more down than up towards the pointy end. I managed to pick up the pace ever so slightly from 40km right through to the finish line but I really felt my age. Definitely a slow one, crossing the line in 4:26:17 official time – at a pace of 6:18 min/km.
And I’ve got the bling to prove it.

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