2016 Western Sydney Marathon

Saturday 01/10/16 Race Report – Western Sydney Marathon 2016
#marathon20 done and dusted.

Well that was a tough run considering it was flat and fast. I guess the cumulative stress on the body from doing the M7, Mudgee and Sydney marathons in the last 8 weeks made it a tough run. The weather conditions were good for a marathon but the wind was not welcome. I started off thinking that I was going to run a PB and I needed to run at a 5:30 pace but for whatever reason I found myself running at a sub 5:30 pace getting to the half in 1:47:58. Sometimes I think I’ve got rocks in my head. There’s no way I could keep that pace up and sure enough just after the half, the pace gradually got slower to the extent that by km 30 I was in strife – my body didn’t want to keep going.

But like all marathons, it’s the mind that somehow pushes you through the pain barrier when all you want to do is stop. The struggle continued right through to km 37 where I only had 5 km’s to go. “Only” is such a misnomer when said in the context of a marathon. I saw Gary and Greg at the 35 km mark who pushed me on but man was I one stuffed dude. I had willed my way through to 37 and when I got there, with a tailwind behind me and the finish line on the other side of the lake, I applied what energy I had left. It was again with a lot of discomfort that I kept going, urging my body to move and not force me to stop. And
run I did until I reached the 39km mark and the wind had decided to make my life an absolute hell. But I could see and smell the finish line knowing full well that I could finally stop running and rest this ageing body. So with the head wind which seemed at it’s worse, I kept running. By this stage I thought I had blown the sub 4 and as my focus was to finish without stopping regardless of the time, I didn’t check my Garmin so I was amazed when I crossed the finish line and the time on the Garmin was 3:59:42. But the time at the finish line was showing 4:04:?? Fortunately for me, the official gun time was 3:59:43 and net time was 3:59:39. My 3rd sub 4 since I started running marathons in 2010 and 2nd in a row. I’ll take that thank you very much.
I learnt today that I shouldn’t run marathons with no time for recovery – I knew I shouldn’t but I wanted to give it a go.


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