Recovering from a Running Injury

Saturday 28 November 2015

It never ceases to amaze me how one teensy weeny change¬†can have such a profound impact¬†on one’s running fortunes. I outlined the issue in my previous blog but the bottomline is that I changed my footwear from a shoe that had a heel to toe drop of 4mm or more to one that had zero drop in the space of about a week and a half. I didn’t transition to it, I just went cold turkey. Well that sealed my fate. The bursa in my right heel got severely inflamed and rubbed against the achilles causing considerable pain and an inability to walk let alone run. That’s all it took. That was 16 weeks ago and I’m still not fully recovered. I’m slowly getting back into running now, but I’m only running up to 11km’s at very slow MAF pace.

Still, at least I’m able to run.

What’s your story?


Come Back after Injury

Finally after two injuries I’m able to start to build the base again. This time however, I will build slowly so as to avoid another injury.

Ankle Sprain

While 3km into a 32km training run for the 50km Ultra Canberra Marathon in April 2014, I ran on the road to avoid water sprinkling over the footpath. Unfortunately I didn’t see a defect in the road which I ran straight into. My ankle rolled and I fell over. I tried to get up but I was in pain. Took my shoe off and noticed how swollen the ankle was. I was about 2km from the car so tried to walk – it wasn’t possible. Fortunately a taxi went by which I hailed. Got home and it was down hill from then on. Went to the physio with crutches and started to realise the extent of the injury. After a MRI and X-Ray, I had suffered a severe grade 2 ankle sprain. Off from running for 3 – 4 months.

Below is an image of the road defect which the local council does not acknowledge as a defect or something that needs to be fixed – I disagree.

Defect Norwest Boulevard