Fat for Fuel – Part 3

11th July 2015

Back in May I stopped eating sugar. So what was the result. Weight wise – nothing. I’m still in the 73 kilo range. It doesn’t make sense. How can you cut out most of your carbs, don’t eat sugar, don’t eat grains, increase your fat intake, run 4 times a week mostly in the aerobic zone and not lose fat around the stomach nor weight in general.

Before MAF and 80/20 I was LFHC diet and training in the anaerobic zone most often and yet my weight was 70 kilo’s, I was running faster BUT prone to injuries. Now, after taking head of becoming fat adapted, building an aerobic base, training at MAF and 80/20 my weight has increased and my running performance has decreased and I’ve become slower over the same distances. I’ve only aged by 1 year, so what gives?

It’s frustrating not to see the results I expected by now. I even stopped weight training as suggested by MAF and so have lost muscle mass and toning.

Honestly, I don’t eat any grains or sugar, almost no fruit, but eat fat. And yet, I’m the opposite to everyone else doing the same thing.

I need to rethink this.


Fat for Fuel – Part 2

Strangely this past month I have put on weight which is really surprising as I was expecting to lose some. But it seems that my diet isn’t correct and needs some adjustment. The problem is that even though I’ve reduced my carbohydrate intake, I’m still consuming too much sugar through fruit fructose. The morning shake with blueberries and the nightly dessert of Paw Paw, melon or some other high fructose fruit.

So as of this week, I’ve eliminated the berries in the morning shake and eliminated eating fruit at night or at any time for the next month. I’ve been weighing myself daily and am noticing a gradual decrease in weight. I’ll keep monitoring the situation and keep you posted.


Fat for Fuel – Part 1

In my journey as a runner I’ve listened, read, watched and ignored so much stuff about nutrition. To be honest I’ve not placed much emphasis on it other than carbo loading before a race and taking gels at various intervals during a race. That said, I’ve tried various gels and supplements hoping that one brand or other would get me through to the end of the race without hitting the dreaded wall. However, I haven’t found my “nirvana”.

There is so much information out there on nutrition. It’s confusing to say the least and what works for you may not work for me. Do you eat carbs with low fat, or high fat with low carbs, vegan only, paleo, NSNG (no sugar no grains) or munch on bananas all day long? The options are endless and mind blowing.

So what does a mere mortal do? Find something that works for them I guess.

My pursuit of nutritional fulfilment has seen me eating largely high carbs and low fat. Then prior to the race, full on carbo loading with gels during the race.

One thing’s for sure, it didn’t stop me hitting the wall.

Now there’s probably several reasons for hitting the wall, but the fact is that I run out of “steam”.

One thing I haven’t tried is eating good fats, plenty of vegetables and fruits to a lesser degree and NO sugar and NO grains. All with the goal of conditioning the body to metabolise fat for fuel and conserving glycogen for fat metabolisation. For an endurance athlete this can only be achieved by running aerobically as anaerobic effort burns the glycogen stores, depleting them to the point where fat metabolisation is impaired.

So my journey to a “fat adapted” state begins.