2017 Canberra Marathon

Sunday 9th April Race Report – Canberra Marathon 2017

Marathon number 23 done. Lucky I didn’t have a plan as I would’ve been disappointed. But I’m glad I finished. No excuses. It was just one of those days where the planets weren’t aligned. I did the best I could on the day and that’s that. Official time 4:25:45. First marathon in the 60-69 age group – not impressive. That’s a wrap. Rest and recover then start training for marathon # 24.

2017 Orange Marathon

Sunday 26/02/17 Race Report – Orange Marathon 2017
Marathon number 22 done. Nothing like my last 3 sub 4’s of late last year. To the contrary, it was about 30 minutes slower and quite ugly from 31 onwards. The first half was a race but the second morphed into a struggle of survival and the finish line. Nutrition was much better than last year so I am surprised that I hit the wall before last year’s event. I felt really good for the first 24km’s but slowly started to fade from there. It was cool at the start and only marginally heated up. I think the problem, like last year, was the rolling hills both out and back. The gravel roads added to the discomfort. Of course, not running any training runs in the 30km range did not help at all. This was largely due to the heel pain I experienced 4 weeks out from race day which stopped my training. The time ended up being 4:25:43.

2016 Melbourne Marathon

Sunday 16/10/16 Race Report – Melbourne Marathon 2016

#marathon21 done and dusted.

5 marathons in 3 months, 4 of which were in 2 months and the last one before today was 2 weeks ago. The point is, this was a major challenge for me and quite frankly I’m surprised I pulled it off. And to add to the surprise is the fact that the last 3, including today, were all sub 4 and all run without stopping which in itself is a feat.

Running “back” to “back” marathons with a couple of weeks between them, doesn’t give you anytime to train and taper – it’s just marathon, rest, marathon.

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2016 Sydney Marathon

Sunday 18/09/16 Race Report – Sydney Marathon 2016
#marathon19 done and dusted.
4 weeks ago I ran the Mudgee Marathon in not too shabby a time of 4:11:02. 3 weeks before that I ran the M7 Marathon in 4:28:48. (In April I ran the Canberra marathon in 4:18:18 and in February I ran the Orange marathon in 4:26:17).
Today I ran the Sydney Marathon in the official time of 3:57:36. Just 1 minute 32 seconds shy of my PB. What a difference 7 weeks and 3 marathons can make. Highly recommended. ?
It was a classic morning for a romp through the Sydney streets. Overcast with a hint of ☔️ and a promised faster and flatter course. And by all accounts it was just that.

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2016 Mudgee Marathon

Sunday 21/08/16

Race Report – Mudgee Marathon 2016
‪#‎marathon18‬ done and dusted.
3 weeks ago I finished the M7 marathon pretty much shattered, with hips and hip flexors in terrible condition and a finishing time of 4:28:49. My preparation for Mudgee 3 weeks later consisted of 1 week recovery from the M7; 1 week of running 2 x 10km and 1 x 21.2km runs; 1 week of taper and then race day today. The official time was 4:11:02. Now that’s a good time compared to the M7 and the course had some considerable steep climbs with rolling hills. It just wasn’t as relentless as the M7 cycle path.
Ok so the morning started off at 0 degrees. It was bitterly cold. There was ice on the car windscreen so I had the heater and bum warmer on full blast to keep me warm before getting to the race precinct.

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