Bionic Runner


I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of taking the Bionic Runner for a test ride here in Sydney.


Being a seasoned marathon runner and running between 4 and 7 marathons a year, I figured that it was about time to re-assess my training strategy in-light of the fact that I had been injured numerous times, with each injury taking longer and longer to recover from. So in-order to keep running for as long as I can by keeping my ageing body as close to injury free as possible, I looked around for cross training equipment with the emphasis on low impact. I had seen the ElliptiGO and watched the mandatory videos. Read the reviews by well known runners and was tempted to invest in one. But at the time, I wasn’t convinced that the investment was warranted. After all, some time ago I had purchased a new beaut treadmill for $3K that idly sat in the garage taking up valuable space. So I didn’t particularly want to follow that route.

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