Cross Training

With an injured calf, training for a marathon is pretty much out of the question unless you want to damage it even more. So there aren’t many options. That said, my physio suggested that I do a 5km run to test it out and if no discomfort, then to extend up to 10km maybe 3 times per week. So the rebuild process begins.

This morning I decided to ride for 40km and then do the 5km run (a “brick session” as triathletes call it). Well I know now why they call it that – my legs were like bricks after the cycling. It probably took a couple of km’s to “find my feet”.

Incorporating cycling into my weekly training sessions will have to happen sooner rather than later. For a start it eliminates the constant pounding and gives the legs a chance to recover without losing fitness.

I should know this by now, but it seems I’m a slow learner.