Heart Rate Training

Sunday 6th December 2015

After several years of running with my running buddy, today it became very clear what affect injury, zero to low mileage running and weight loss has on performance.

6 months ago I was at a peak running wise. My ability to run at a zone 2 pace was amplified by the fact that I was building a sound aerobic base whereby my HR remained relatively low as my exertion increased. However, compared with my running buddy who is two years my junior, his HR was 12 to 15 bpm higher than mine for the duration of those runs.

Fast forward to today where due to injury I have been sidelined for 5 months and have just started getting back into it again, today’s 12km run at a slow 6:50 min/km pace had my HR 12 to 15 beats bpm higher than his. Over the past 5 months he has been running consistently, has shed 5 kilos and his achilles injury has improved and much more manageable. In that time he has run 4 marathons close to PR time.

The difference Рrelatively injury free, weight loss, consistent low HR training plus Cross Training. Building an aerobic base with these ingredients is a recipe for success.

Both of us are amazed at what a great indicator of aerobic performance our HR is. To be able to maintain a marathon pace whilst keeping the HR relatively low, will ensure that the 42.2 km’s will be much more pleasurable.

Training 80% of the time at a low (zone 2) HR is the key to success. We have proven that. If only we took heed of this 7 years ago when we started running.

So please take note, train using your HR as a measure and guide will guarantee your success.